I'm Rodolfo Lostaunau, a Visual Designer in Los Angeles, with a background in Brand Identity
I've spent the past 10+ years working across different projects in both digital and print design. These days, I work full-time at Fox Dealer, spending most of my time designing website banners, landing pages, Google display ad campaigns, YouTube video ads, email ads, and social media content. I also help the marketing team conceptualize and strategize campaigns, write content, and ensure the brand voice, tone, and style are implemented throughout marketing creatives.
People describe me as a thinker and a problem solver who enjoys taking on challenges to integrate good design with a user-friendly experience. I am drawn to brands that integrate bold, strong colors and imagery with minimal design in layout and typography. This approach gives a very elegant and luxurious feel to a product and evokes energy and fun in the design. It is the same approach I use in my work.
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